5s and Visual Management Workshop For Prooduce Companies

Starts: November 22nd 2019
Location: Nogales, Arizona.
Mode: Open Enrollment

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5s and Visual Management Workshop For Prooduce Companies

General Objective

Acquire knowledge of 5S+1 methodology and Visual Administration. Apply knowledge to present Work Environment in order to obtain: • A Safe, Effective, Clean and Orderly Workplace. • Improve Productivity, Service Level, and Quality in tasks and/or processes. • Improve Ownership, Empowerment and Accountability in all levels of organization. • Facilitate communication and comply with organization Standards and achieve organization´s Goals.

Course Topics

Kaizen Philosophy (The Continuous Improvement Fundamentals).

  • Waste vs. Value Added.
  • Learning to observe (Window of Value)
  • Site “Gemba Walk” to assess and capture 5´S & Visual Administration Current Condition (notes and photos).
  • Common error messages

5S Classroom training:

  • What is 5S+1?
  • What are the benefits of 5S+1?
  • Knowing the 5S+1: Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, Sustain +Safety.
  • Five levels of Sort.
  • Five levels of Straighten.
  • Five levels of Shine.
  • Five levels of Standardize.
  • Five levels of Sustain.
  • Five levels of Safety.
  • Determine site´s 5S+1 (Current Condition Levels).

Visual Administration Classroom Training.

  • What is Visual Administration?
  • What are the benefits of Visual Administration?
  • Five levels of Visual Administration.
  • Determine site´s Visual Administration (Current Condition Levels).
  • Define activities the team has to perform as an improvement project to accomplish before next week´s training.
  • Site “Gemba Walk” to assess and capture 5S+1 & Visual Administration Improved Condition (notes and photos).
  • Classroom activity.
  • Determine site´s 5S+1/Visual Administration (Current Condition Levels).
  • How to design a 5S+1/Visual Administration, implementation plan (Including periodic audits with results communications).
  • Measuring improvements (Key Process Indicators).
  • Close Workshop.

From November 22nd to
November 23rd of 2019

Friday from 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

6 hours.
Nogales, Arizona.
Further Information
Carlos Valdes
CEO, Zigma Consulting
Telephone+(52) 662 208 2849
Mobile+(52) 1 662 222 7865

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